Sabiha Kasimati


The short life of powerful voice

When Sabiha Kasimati moved to Albania in 1927, she was 15, and could hardly imagine that this journey would change her life and result in a tragic end...

In 1936, Sabiha moved to Turin, Italy to continue her studies in the Biological Sciences, thanks to a scholarship from the Albanian state. She dedicated her first scientific work entitled “Ichthyological Fauna of Albanian Fresh Waters” to her homeland, which at the time was under occupation by the Italian Fascists.

Sabiha's education in the West, the family origin, her liberal character, her bold and easy-going nature, her willingness to speak out, to express a critical opinion that is contrary to the propaganda fabricated by the regime, her circle of friends, some of whose relatives were imprisoned ̶ these are commonly believed to be the reasons Sabiha Kasimati is placed under surveillance by State Intelligence.

Her surveillance lasts several years. It comes to an end on February 20, 1951, when a bomb explodes in the Soviet Legation in Tirana. Sabiha is arrested along with twenty-one other intellectuals and charged with a terrorist attack. The file on her investigation lists several “sins”

Sabiha came from a good family and spoke several foreign languages with particular fluency in French. She was smart, excelled in her studies, and the only girl in school at all.

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Her life's caravan would pass through two decades of outrage and fear during which her homeland would try to erase all trace of her existence. In spite of this, she would leave an indelible imprint on the country.

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