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Dignity among authoritarians

Petraq was orphaned at a young age, and despite a wealthy family background, he had inherited neither property nor assets. Since he graduates from high school with excellent grades, relatives help subsidize his studies abroad. After graduation, he returns to his native hometown of Berat.

The decision to return to Albania contains heroic elements in itself, Qafoku was fully aware of the possible consequences of a dictatorial communist regime. In Italy there was a chance to get acquainted with literature describing the tragedy of persecution in the Soviet Union. On the other hand, he, being orphan, has no property in Albania. This fact gives a deep spiritual dimension to his decision to return home,
as an expression of true love for his country.

After completing his university studies and graduation in Mining Engineering with excellent results in 1944, he decided to return to Albania, goes to Berat and made available to work near the newly established Provisional Government there on the eve of the liberation of the country.

Ndonëse puna dhe njohuritë që bartte qenë të domosdoshme, regjimi i ri e shihte me “kujdes” të madh inxhinierin. Si i shkolluar jashtë, ai konsiderohej “njeri i vjetër” dhe i paindoktrinuar me idetë komuniste që përvijonin fytyrën e regjimit të ri të fituesve të luftës. Në kantierin e Kuçovës, me gjithë përkushtimin e jashtëzakonshëm profesional, gjatë punës has vështirësi të mëdha nga elementë të Sigurimit të Shtetit që e ndiqnin.

One November day in 1946, the National Cinema in Tirana broadcasts the trial of the engineers accused of sabotaging work on the Maliq swamp, not yet drained at this point. Documents that are placed at the disposal of the Authority for Information on former State Security files reveal an unimaginable level of lies, deceit, ignorance, intrigue, corruption and the downright evil of investigators, prosecutors, and judges. A year later on September 18, 1947 Petraq Qafoku, the 31year-old engineer on the Maliq site, is arrested in Tirana.

After Qafoku is notified of the court's decision, the regime comes to realize that it needs his technical expertise. Another judicial session is held, this time in December 1948. The defendant is found not-guilty. There is very little information available covering the period between the two decisions. Nothing is known about the reason for the reversal.

Friends that knew him when he was alive recall that he was an extraordinary person:“A man of great natural authority, not authoritarian like the people around him.” His authority originated from his knowledge and dignity not from his rank.

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